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Knowledge Base

  1. Stripe Connect FAQ 

    1. What is Stripe?
    2. How much does it cost to use Stripe?
  2. Getting Started 

    1. Getting Started on TrainerFu [For Trainers]
    2. Getting started on TrainerFu [For Clients]
    3. Getting started tutorial for clients with iPhone or iPad
    4. Getting started tutorial for clients on Android
    5. What you can do with TrainerFu
  3. Client Account Management 

    1. Add new client
    2. How can my clients download the app and start using it?
    3. How can I update my client's settings?
    4. How to use news-feed to engage with clients
    5. How to send push notification to clients
  4. Custom Branding 

    1. How does custom branding work?
    2. Why choose custom-branding for your fitness brand
    3. What are the requirements for custom branded app?
  5. Gym & Studios  

    1. Can I add more trainers?
    2. Can I see workout templates designed by other trainers in my Gym/Studio?
  6. Exercise Database 

    1. Upload a custom exercise video
    2. Can I modify system exercises and add my own YouTube videos and instructions?
  7. Workout Templates and Plan 

    1. Create your first workout plan
    2. How to create reusable workout templates
    3. How to train clients in-person
    4. How to create an upcoming workout plan
    5. How to remotely log workouts [For clients]
  8. Group Training 

    1. What is group training (and how you can use it)
    2. How to setup group training
    3. How to automatically send messages to groups
    4. How to create a group training plan from an existing plan template
    5. How to personalise group training experiences on NewsFeed
  9. Automated Messaging 

    1. What is automated messaging
    2. Understanding automated messaging campaigns
    3. How to configure an automated message campaign
    4. How to optimise delivery time for auto-messaging campaigns
    5. Difference between wait time and delivery time
  10. Training Packages & Payments 

    1. How to setup a training package on TrainerFu
    2. How to configure a training package for existing clients
    3. How to setup payment for training packages
    4. How to embed a training package on your website
    5. How to setup a fully automated training package
  11. Meal and Workout Log 

    1. How can I see my client's meal log?
    2. Can I make changes to client's workout log?
  12. Nutrition Logging  

    1. How can I make my MyFitnessPal diary public?
    2. How can I find my MyFitnessPal username?
    3. How to link your FitBit account [For clients]
    4. Meal Logging FAQ for Trainers
    5. How can I make my MyFitnessPal diary public on iPhone or iPad?
  13. Assessments and Progress Reporting 

    1. What assessments can I record in the system?
    2. How to upload progress photos on TrainerFu
    3. What reports are available to check my clients progress?
    4. Can my client see their assessments and progress?
    5. How to track body fat percentage?
  14. Zapier Integration  

    1. Understanding actions and triggers on Zapier
  15. Sharing 

    1. How can I share content from other apps onto the TrainerFu news feed?
  16. Backup and Supported Devices 

    1. Is my data safe if my mobile device crashes?
    2. What mobile devices are currently supported?
    3. Can I easily switch between my mobile devices?
  17. Client FAQ 

    1. Can I modify my own workout plan?
    2. How can I send my Personal Trainer my daily meal log?
    3. Do I need to pay to use the app?
  18. TrainerFu FAQ 

    1. I need help how can I get it?
    2. Who is behind TrainerFu?
    3. How much does it cost?
  19. All articles 

    1. Add new client
    2. Upload a custom exercise video
    3. How can I see my client's meal log?
    4. What assessments can I record in the system?
    5. Can I add more trainers?
    84 articles 

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