What is automated messaging

What is automated messaging? 

Automated messaging is a feature that allows you to configure a sequence of personalised messages that will be automatically sent to your clients, when they perform any activity that matches the set trigger condition (account creation, workout completion, plan upgrade, etc.) 

Here's how auto-messaging works from a client perspective: 

How to configure auto-messaging? 

To configure an automated messaging campaign on TrainerFu, you just need to answer four questions:

- Who will be receiving the messages? [Group]
- On what condition should they receive the message? [Trigger]
- When should the message be sent? [Wait time + Delivery time]
- What's the goal of the message? [Campaign]

How does auto-messaging really work? 

Have a look at this diagram below to understand how automated messages are programmed: 

When you configure an automated message, the message waits on the system till it meets the trigger condition (for instance, workout completion). As soon as the trigger condition is met, the system then checks for configured parameters, like wait time and delivery time, before delivering the message to the client group.  

You can read more about configuring an automated messaging campaign, here

What can you do with auto-messaging?

You can use the auto-messaging feature to personalise day-to-day client interactions, and nurture them along their fitness journey. Here are some popular use-cases that you can implement: 
  • Automate onboarding: Create a sequence of messages that will be automatically sent to your clients when they signup for a training plan. This includes a personalised welcome message, followed by highly relevant workout tips on the assigned training plan/schedule. Perfect for online bootcamps or fitness challenges. 

  • Improve client engagement: Nurture your clients throughout their fitness journey and showcase the full-value of your personal training. Automatically share workout feedback, send follow-up messages when they miss workout sessions, and boost their morale when they stay consistent. 

  • Streamline processes: Say goodbye to excel-sheets and follow-up emails. You can now use auto-messaging to streamline all your business processes, right from logging assessments, documenting client information to collecting payments. 

  • Boost conversions: No more awkward follow-ups or sales calls. You can now prompt your clients to do a plan upgrade, when they have the highest probability of conversion (for instance, after logging their 21st workout, if they're on a 3-week FREE fitness trial plan). 

  • Save time (and money): Forget switching between multiple apps, like, email, WhatsApp, messages and more. All the auto-messaging sequences that you configure for your clients show up on the TrainerFu chat window, thereby enabling you to keep all communication at one place. 

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