How to remotely log workouts [For clients]

Want to know how you can remotely log a workout created by your trainer? Here's how to get started:

Setup: Not required
Difficulty level: Easy

  1. Login to your TrainerFu account. 

  2. Tap on "Start Next Workout" to open today's exercises.

  3. Tick all the exercises that you complete. In case you wish to edit details for an exercise, tap on the Edit icon and change the values for reps, sets, weight, rest-time, etc.

    [Tip: You can tick all the exercises in one go by selecting "Mark All as Complete". In case you wish to end the workout prematurely, tap on "End Workout".]

  4. Once all the exercises are you complete, you'll be asked to share the details on your newsfeed. Tap on "Submit" to auto-post the workout details, and share it with your trainer. 

Next Steps:

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