How to upload progress photos on TrainerFu

Apart from tracking workouts and meals, you can also track your clients' visual transformation journey by capturing and logging progress photos of your clients. You can also use the feature to build amazing before-after success stories, and even publish it on your NewsFeed (without spending too much time on Photoshop or other editing tools!). 

Estimated setup time: 2 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy

Upload Progress Photos on TrainerFu

  1. From the trainer's app, navigate to Client --> Plan --> Assessment. If you're a client, you can log your progress photos by going to Home --> Track Progress

  2. Next, tap on "Progress Photos" and select "Add a New Photo". You'll now be asked to either capture a new photo using camera or choose an existing one from the library. 

  3. After selecting the photo, tap on "Choose". You'll be asked whether you want to post the photo on your News-Feed. You can also add a description to the post, and tap on "Submit". 

  4. You're done. Your progress photo has been logged in your fitness diary. 
Pro- Tip: To create an amazing success story, we recommend you track progress photos on a weekly/monthly basis, keeping the backdrop and other visual elements consistent. Once you've enough progress photos, the app will automatically create a shareable success story for you. 

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