Getting Started on TrainerFu [For Trainers]

Looking to get started with TrainerFu? In this guide, we'll quickly set things up for you, so that you can invite your clients, and start training them from your smartphone. 

Estimated setup time:
2 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy

Step #1: Download the TrainerFu app

The first step is to download the TrainerFu app from App Store or Play Store. We've added the download links below:


Step #2: Create a new account

Once you download the app, tap on "Create New Trainer Account". Enter your basic details, like, name, email and password to get started. 

Note: Please make sure you enter the correct email id, as you'll be able to access TrainerFu, only using the provided credentials. In case you enter an incorrect email, you might not be able to recover your account, and risk losing all your data. 

Step #3: Invite all your Clients [Do-Repeat]

After you've logged in, tap on the big, blue "Add Client" button at the center. Enter the details of your client, like, name, phone number (optional), and email address. Tap on "Done", when you've finished entering them. 

[Note: To help you understand how the app works, we've already linked a demo client account for you, but we know that you're not training Kate. :-) You can delete the client, later.]

The app would now prompt you to send an invite to the client. Confirm the request by tapping on "Yes". It'll open up an in-app email window that would have the subject, email and all other account details, prepopulated. Just tap on "Send", and you're done!    

Note: You can repeat Step#3 for every client you want to add. However, onboarding clients is an one-time process, and you won't be asked to enter the client details in the future (even if you switch devices!).

Next Steps:

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Happy Training,
TrainerFu Team

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