Create your first workout plan

Once you've added your clients on TrainerFu, the next step is to create a workout plan for them. 

Estimated setup time: 10 minutes/client
Difficulty level: Easy - Medium

Here's how to create your first workout plan: 
  1. Navigate to Client--> Plan.  

  2. Tap on the day for which you wish to create the workout. Once the plan window opens, tap on "Add exercise". 

  3. Search for the name of the exercise or the muscle group that you wish to train. Tap on the selected exercise to add it to the current day's workout plan. 

    [Hint: Can't find an exercise that you wish to add? Create your own in just a few minutes.]

  4. Once the exercise is added, tap on the "Edit" button to configure parameters like set, reps, weight, rest-time, etc for the selected exercise. Tap on "Save" when you're done. 

    [Tip: Need to give some special instructions to your client for the workout? Tap on "Add Note" to put in your comments. The note would only be visible to them, when they start training. ]

  5. Repeat steps 3) - 4) for every exercise that you wish to add for the current day. Once you're done adding all the exercises, tap on "Plans" to save the created workout schedule for the selected day. 

  6. Similarly, add workouts for each day to create a super-effective workout plan. :-)
Did you know that you can add supersets or circuits to your workout plans, too? Know more about how to create an advanced workout plan.]

Next Steps:

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