How to create reusable workout templates

Workout templates are a great way to create a set of exercises once, and reuse them later. For instance, you can create a workout template for each muscle group, and copy the exercises directly from the templates to create a workout plan for your client(s). 

Estimated setup time: 10 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy

Create a workout template

  1. Go to the main menu, and tap on "Workout Templates".

  2. Tap on the button "Add New Template". Give the template an unique name. 

  3. Next, tap on the created template to open up the template screen. To add an exercise, tap on the "Add exercise" button. 

  4. Select the exercises that you wish by searching for them in the search-box or you can even add a custom exercise by tapping on "Create a New Exercise"

  5. Tap on the back-arrow when you're done. Your progress will be auto-saved. 

Assign a workout template

  1. To assign the created workout template, tap on the menu icon, and select "Home".

  2. Go to any client card and select "Plans". Once the plan opens up, tap on the day for which you wish to create a workout schedule.

  3. Next, tap on the button "Copy workout from a template", and select the template from which you wish to copy the exercises. 

  4. Your exercises would now be automatically added to the workout schedule. If you want, you can either make a few changes to the plan, or save the plan by navigating back.  

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