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How to create an upcoming workout plan

With upcoming workout plans, you can create an upcoming workout plan for your client(s), while retaining them on the existing plan. The upcoming plan automatically becomes the active workout plan on the start date. 

Estimated setup time: 3-5 minutes
Difficulty level: Medium

By creating an upcoming workout plan, you can...
  • Create multi-week workout plans 
  • Schedule workouts in advance and switch plans at preconfigured dates
  • Maintain log of the workout plans assigned in the past

To create an upcoming workout plan
  1. Navigate to your client's card and tap on "Plans".

  2. Now, slide your finger left to reveal a hidden menu. Tap on "Add Upcoming Plan".

  3. Next, you'll need to set a start date for your upcoming workout plan. Your plan would become active from that date. You can set the start date for your plan by tapping on "Start Date" at the bottom. Note: Upcoming workout plans can only be created for future dates.

  4. Once you have set the start date, tap on each day and start adding exercises to create a workout plan. Read: How to create a workout plan for your clients

  5. After you've added exercises for each day, tap on the "Clients" arrow in the top-left. Your upcoming workout plan would be auto-saved. 

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