Use templates to build an upcoming workout plan

Using plan templates, you can now create an upcoming workout plan for your client in just a few minutes. Wondering how to get started? We'll walk you through the workflow: 

Estimated setup time:
 2 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy

  1. Now that you've created a plan template, it's time to assign the schedule to a client. To put a client on a multi-week work schedule, open up their workout plan. 

  2. Next, swipe left on the plans screen and then tap on "Copy From Plan Template".

  3. Tap on "Select a plan template" and pick the plan template that you want to assign. 

  4. Next, set a start-date for the multi-week workout schedule. The start-date would be the date from which the plan template becomes active. 

  5. After you set a start date, you'll need to confirm whether you wish to override clashes with the workout plans that you've already created for the client.

    For instance, if you set the start date as 18th July, and the client already has an upcoming workout plan created for that week, you'll need to decide whether you wish to delete the previous plans or keep them intact.

    [Hint: Keeping this option checked would delete all the existing plans and override all workout schedules with the plan template. However, unchecking the option would preserve your previously created workout schedules.]

  6. Finally, tap on "Copy", when you're done. To confirm that the schedule has been assigned, just swipe left on the screen, and you'll be able to navigate through all the weekly plans that you had created in the plan template. 

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