How to use news-feed to engage with clients

When it comes to building long-term relationships with clients, creating workout schedules and meal plans is not enough; you need to track their progress and keep them motivated towards achieving their personal goals

While it's easy to maintain that personal touch when you've just a handful of clients, the task becomes a bit more complicated, when you're training a lot many clients.

But, with news-feed, you no longer have to worry about losing client engagement. 

You can now share updates, post announcements, track fitness activity, give real-time feedback, and even do a bit of online marketing for your fitness business.  

Post update on news-feed

You can post updates, fitness advice or any other announcement on the news-feed, and share it with all your clients. Here's how to do it:  
  1. Navigate to News --> New Post

  2. Enter the content (text, link, images, etc.) that you wish to share. Make sure you've ticked "Share on News Feed" option. 

  3. Tap on Submit to publish the article on news-feed. 

Create a sticky-post

Often, you want to share an announcement/update that you don't want your clients to miss. You can create a sticky-post by tapping on the "Pin this post to top" button. As the name suggests, the post that you pin to the top would always float on top of the news-feed for all your clients. 

Motivate clients 


Every workout or assessment that's tracked/logged on TrainerFu gets auto-posted on the news-feed. You can motivate your clients by "liking" their fitness activity and giving them expert tips/advice on how to improve their performance.

Share achievements on social channels

Apart from sharing content on the news-feed with your clients, you can also share their workout/assessment updates on social media channels, like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or pretty much every app. Just tap on the Share icon, next to the post, and select the app/platform, where you wish to share the post. It will automatically get linked and posted on the platform. 

Send push notifications to clients

In case there's an update/announcement that you want your clients to know immediately (for example, the gym is going be closed for a day or there's going to be Yoga day), apart from posting it on the news-feed, you can also send the message as a push-notification.

Know more about how to send push-notifications

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