How can I send my Personal Trainer my daily meal log?

We have integrated with LoseIt app so that you can send your Personal Trainer your daily meal log

What is LoseIt app?
LoseIt app is a simple tool for tracking what you eat. You can use the LoseIt app to log your food intake each day. You can download the free app from here (for iPhone/iPad) or here (for Android).

How can I make my meal log available to my Personal Trainer?
Just follow these quick steps to make your daily meal log available to your Personal Trainer:
  1. When you are done logging your food for a day, open the LoseIt app. Click on "More" and then "Summary Report"

  2. Click on the "Daily Report"

  3. Select a date for which you would like to send the meal log. And then click on the "Email Report" button. 

  4. This will open the Email app with everything already entered. Just send this email to Thats it!!

Your Personal Trainer will now be able to see your meal log in the TrainerFu app!!

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