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How to embed a training package on your website

In this article, we're going to walk you through how you can share or embed a training package to your website or social media page. 

Estimated setup time:
 2 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy

How to embed a training package on website

Let's assume you are selling three plans on the website: Bronze, Silver and Gold

In this case, you'll have to create new training packages on TrainerFu for each of the training plan that you sell on your website (in this case, "Bronze", "Silver" and "Gold"), and link them up with individual "Start" buttons. Here's how to do it: 
  1. Click on the training package (for example: Bronze) that you created on TrainerFu and copy its link. 

  2. Next, if you're using a CMS (like WordPress), use the interface to change the link of the "start" button to the package link. If you're using a static website, you can paste the following code: 

    <a href="your-training-package-link-goes-here"><button>Start</button></a> into the space for button. 

    Tip: You'll need to replace the link in the button with the actual link of the package that you want to sell. 

  3. That's it. You can now start onboarding leads and start training clients. 
NOTE: You'll have to create different training packages for every plan that you sell on your website, and link them with the corresponding "Start" buttons. 

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