How to setup group training

Want to get started with group training? It's extremely simple to set it up. 

Estimated setup time:
 1 minute
Difficulty level: Easy

Here's how you can enable group training on TrainerFu:
  1. Tap on "Groups" in the main menu.
  2. Tap on "Add Group" to create a new group. 
  3. Give your group a relevant name, and tap on "Add Group", again. 

    [Hint: Unchecking the "Allow members to see each others update on newsfeed" on the create group screen would prevent clients from seeing each other's updates on the newsfeed. The option is highly recommended, if you're creating a training group for niche training or bootcamp. However, you can disable it for funnel-based groups, such as "Free Trials" or "Inactive clients". For more information on how to create groups, read our extensive group training guide.]

  4. Once you've given your group a name, select the clients that you wish to add to the group by ticking them. When you're done, tap on "Select Clients" to successfully create your training group. 
Note: You can always add one client to more than one group, but you cannot create subgroups.

Next Steps:

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