How can my clients download the app and start using it?

Already invited your clients to join TrainerFu? Here's how they can get started on our platform in no time...

Estimated setup time:
 2 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy

Step #1: Download the TrainerFu app

The first step is to download the TrainerFu app from App Store or Play Store. We've added the download links below:


Step #2: Login into your TrainerFu account

After you've downloaded the app, the next step is to login to your TrainerFu account, using the credentials that you sent them on their email. Your clients might be asked to reset their password, when they login for the first time. 

Note: Your clients didn't get their account credentials? You can re-send the invite. 

Step #3: Browse the Scheduled Workouts

Once they've logged in, they'll be able to view the workout plan that you have created for them.  

Next Steps:

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Happy Training,
TrainerFu Team

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