How to integrate a training package with your Facebook page

Training Packages are the easiest, simplest and fastest way to sell your personal training package to new or existing clients. When clients signup for a training package, their account will automatically be configured with all the details so that they can start training right away. 

In this guide, we're going to show how you can link training packages that you create on TrainerFu with your Facebook page. You can use this to give leads an instant free trial of your personal training programs, or you can even use it to run paid fitness challenges or bootcamps. 

Estimated setup time: 5 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy

  1. Go to your Facebook page, and click on the "Add a Button" CTA on the top-right. If you've already configured your Facebook page, the CTA might look a bit different for you, but don't worry. Just click on the blue button, and when the menu pops up, click on "Edit button".  

  2. In the next step, you'll need to select what type of button do you want to configure for the training package. We'll recommend keeping it signup, as that's a good way to tell leads or clients that they'll be signing up for a fitness challenge or trial. Click on "Next", once you've selected the button text. 

  3. After setting the button text, you'll be asked to configure the website link. Tap on the website link button to edit it. 

  4. Paste the link for your training package, here. You can find the link for your training package by going to Menu -> Training Packages & Payments, and then selecting the training package. Click on Save, once you're done entering the website link. 

  5. To finish the configuration process and save your progress, click on the "Finish" button. 

  6. Your TrainerFu package has been successfully linked with your Facebook page. To test whether it's working, just click on the Sign up button on your Facebook page, and then click on "Test button". 

  7. If the link has been configured correctly, you'll be redirected to the signup page for the training package, when you click on your Facebook page's "signup" button.

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