How to disable an automated messaging campaign

Want to disable the automated messaging campaign that you just created? No problem. In this tutorial, we're going to walk you through how you can disable an automated messaging campaign, and stop the messages from being delivered to your clients, automatically. 

  1. Create a new group called EMPTY that's linked with no clients by clicking on Menu -> Groups

  2. Tap on the "auto-messaging" campaign that you want to stop. For example, let's say you want to stop our automated "fat-loss" messaging campaign. 

  3. Next, tap on the "[x]" icon to remove the group that have been added to "Who will receive this message?" list. If you've more groups assigned, please remove all of them by clicking on [x]. 

  4. Now, link the group [EMPTY] that we created in the initial step with the auto-message.

    Once you've assigned it to an empty group, your automated messaging campaign will be disabled, and the messages that you've configured in the campaign will not be sent to any of your clients.
NOTE: We recommend disabling an automated messaging campaign, instead of deleting it from the interface. That's because disabling a campaign gives you the flexibility to enable it at a later point, in case you need it. Please note that if you delete an auto-messaging campaign, you'll NOT be able to undo that action. 

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