Setting a Fitness Goal

When it comes to achieving a higher level of fitness, goal-setting always helps. It lets your clients visualise their progress so far, and also gives you a solid assessment of whether the suggested workout plan is delivering results. 

While tracking goals is complicated and time-consuming on paper, we've made it easy with TrainerFu. Here's how you can set a fitness goal for any assessment (custom or pre-configured):

Estimated setup time: 60 seconds
Difficulty level: Easy

  1. Select the assessment that you wish to track by going to Client's Plan--> Assess tab. 

  2. Next, tap on the "Set Goal" option.

  3. Enter the current value and target value for the assessment. You can even set a target date for the goal that you wish to achieve. Tap on "Add" when you're done.

  4. That's it. The goal has now been successfully created. As you keep logging values, you'll be able to track the performance w.r.t the set goal.  

Next Steps:

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