How to create a custom assessment [for trainers]

While most fitness trainers use weight or body-fat percentage as fitness benchmarks, they're more result-driven indices and don't help in fine-tuning workouts. Using custom assessments, you can now capture, track and visualise any fitness metric for your clients (like 1RM, site or girth measurements).  

Creating a custom assessment is also super-easy. Here's how to do it: 

Estimated setup time:
 2 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy

Create a custom assessment

  1. Navigate to Clients --> Plan. Next, tap on "Assess". 

  2. Select the option to "Create a custom assessment".

  3. Give your custom assessment a name, and then tap on "Save". 

  4. Next, select the custom assessment that you just created, and tap on "Add Data" to log values. 

  5. Enter the date and value of the metric that you wish to log, and tap on "Add". 

  6. That's it. You've successfully created a custom assessment and logged its value. 
Pro-tip: For more accurate tracking and visualisation, we recommend logging assessment values on a consistent basis. You can visualise the overall trend by tapping on the weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly view. 

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