How to log unplanned workouts

When you're training a client, it's possible that you may want to occasionally tweak the exercise schedule a bit, without disturbing the current workout plan. To log an unplanned (or "ad-hoc") workout in your client's fitness diary, here's what you need to do:

Estimated setup time:
 3-5 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy
Can be logged by: Trainers & Clients

  1. Navigate to client's card, and tap on "Diary". 

  2. Next, tap on the "Log Workout" button at top. 

  3. Choose the exercise that you wish to add by searching for them in the window, or you can even add your own by tapping on "Create a New Exercise".

  4. Add as many exercises as you want. To edit the parameters for an exercise, tap on it, and set the reps, weight, sets, etc.

  5. You can even change the date for the exercise by tapping on the calendar icon at the bottom-left and selecting the date. 

  6. When you're done adding exercises, simply tap on "Save" to log the added exercises in the client's fitness diary. 

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